The Brandon Teena story...

Brandon Teena was murdered just after 1:00 am on New Years Eve, in a tiny farmhouse in Humboldt, Nebraska. Two other people were murdered as well in the house, the only survivor of the slaughter was an eight month old baby in his crib, sobbing for his mother, who lay dead in her slowly leaking waterbed.

A horrific crime scene lay waiting to be discovered. In the front room, Phillip Devine, a friend had spent his final moments begging for his life. He had been shot twice after sobbing that he would tell no one. The perpetrators in this crime had no compassion for the young man who was an amputee and presented little threat to the young men, both armed with knives and one with a gun. He was left to die on the couch. The babys mother screamed, begging for the life of her baby. The baby was put back in his crib as his mother was murdered. There was a slight body under the bottom of the waterbed blankets, and as quickly as Brandon was found, Brandon was killed. A week before the murder, Brandon had undergone an event so physically and psychologically profound that fear was first and uppermost in her mind.

Brandon had been living in a small town called Falls City,Nebraska, drifting here and there, avoiding her family and people who had given her warnings to stay away from the local girls. She had been in trouble with the law several times, and had skipped one or two court dates that she figured would just fade away. There were forged checks, stolen ATM cards and suspended licenses. Brandon made a decision that would cost her her life. She decided to live as a man, and move from place to place, working odd jobs and living off the charity of new friends who knew her only as Brandon, a guy from Lincoln, Nebraska. There were John and Tom, ex cons that drank heavily and were aggressive. Both had been alcoholics, and drug addicts with records in rehab clinics and overnighters in the local drunk tank. The two of them were notorious for their escapades and were well known by both the police and the mental health community facilities.Lisa, a local softhearted girl who took Brandon in when there was no where else to go. The Tisdal family, comprised of two sisters and a single alcoholic mother, informally adopted her when they thought that Brandon had nowhere else to go. Brandon would be one of their own, but Brandon wasnt Brandon. Brandon was Teena, and her own family was horrified by everything she had kept from them. When Brandon started to date the local siren, Lana Tisdel, things went bad very quickly. Some of her brushed off court dates landed her in the womens wing of the county jail.

Lana went to bail Brandon out but she saw what was going on, when Brandon leaned over and Lana saw the cleavage between Brandons breasts, she suddenly saw a flash ahead into the future. Unfortunately, she did not act on that reaction and bailed Brandon out. While Brandon was out on bail, a huge row broke out over Brandons gender. John and Tom insisted that Brandon pull down her pants and show them all that he was a man and not a woman. Brandon shrieked and fought but it was two on one and Brandon was a slight figured man. A woman. They dragged Lana in the bathroom, a scene was caused and Brandon ran when he could. Tom and John were beyond livid. The only thing they knew was that they had been lied to, had trusted, and been deceived in the worst way possible. They decided to show Brandon that they knew she was a woman, and a woman who needed to be taught a lesson shed never forget. Tom and John found Brandon and drove her out in the freezing Nebraska night, to an abandoned meat packing plant. There they raped and beat her brutally, then raped her again, vaginally and anally. When they were finished, they warned her as she dressed, this was what she deserved, and if she told anyone, it would be the word of a freak against two hometown boys.

But Brandon was badly hurt and needed medical attention, and went to Lanas, and Lana called the police. The Sheriff called John and Tom and told them that Brandon was going to be pressing charges against them for rape. Sheriff Laux, called the accused, to warn them that they would be coming in to the office in the morning or else. Tom and John looked at each other. Brandon couldnt talk if Brandon was dead. And at the core fault of this is the negligence of Sheriff Charles Laux. He treated Brandon like an It and referred to Brandon publicly as It. He gave John and Tom a warning that trouble was coming, and basically signed a death warrant for Brandon. He was found negligent in a civil suit brought about by the Brandon family, but I believe the facts bear out that he should be brought up on charges of contributing to Brandons death. Many people have seen the movie, Boys Dont Cry released in 1998, based on the crime. But as the film is historically incorrect, I feel that justice was not served fully. An elected official enabled two rape suspects to kill the person they had already brutally beaten as well as sexually assaulted, and the murders of Lisa Lambert and Phillip Devine whos blood also stained his hands.