A horrific crime scene lay waiting to be discovered. In the front room, Phillip Devine, a friend had spent his final moments begging for his life. He had been shot twice after sobbing that he would tell no one. The perpetrators in this crime had no compassion for the young man who was an amputee and presented little threat to the young men, both armed with knives and one with a gun. He was left to die on the couch. The babys mother screamed, begging for the life of her baby. The baby was put back in his crib as his mother, Lisa Lambert was murdered. There was a slight body under the bottom of the waterbed blankets, and as quickly as Brandon was found, Brandon was killed. A week before the murder, Brandon had undergone an event so physically and psychologically profound that fear was first and uppermost in her mind.


February 21, 1996, Falls City, Nebraska) John Lotter, convicted of 3 counts of 1st degree murder for the deaths of :Brandon Teena:, Lisa Lambert, and Philip DeVine was sentenced to death this morning in Falls City, NE's county courthouse. Lotter's accomplice, Marvin Thomas Nissen, cut a deal for life impriinst Lotter.